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  •  Individual/Outpatient Sessions

  • Couples Therapy

  • Family Counseling

  • Child & Adolecsent Counseling

  • Groups



Counseling Services

Quiet & Private Home Office Location

School Based

Community Based

Home Based

  •   In working with couples we will practice at building understanding, trust, & intimacy through improved        communication.  We will learn positive conflict resolutions skills and develop the building blocks to repair    relationships in crisis.

  • To decrease anxiety & depression we will utilize a combination of CBT  & DBT Skills to focus on identifying, understanding, & changing thought & behavioral patterns.  Relaxation & Mindfulness techiques will be learned a more positive and adaptive coping skills.

  • In coping with life's issues of self-esteem, grief, career, education, and family we will learn how to proactively confront life's transitional phases.

  • My goal when working with children & adolescents is helping them gain geater awareness of his or her feelings, teach them tools needed to appropriately express themselves, & help them work through sometimes uncomfortable feelings & emotions.  A combination of talk, play, & art therapy are used to achieve the best success when working with children & adolescents.

















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